Social media, amplified.

Unite all your social media and UGC on one page as a social magazine. Embed your magazine on any website, display it on event screens or convert it into a native app.

Simplify and amplify

Distill everything into one espresso shot of social media power!

Add #tag content to your Miappi profile

Miappi can include user generated content from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook #tags.

No more app-hopping.

With Miappi your retain website traffic because users don't need to leave your site to see your social content.

Native apps

Now you can convert your Miappi social hub into a native iOS or Android app.


Add bespoke tiles that link to other websites.


Easier for your customers

Miappi pulls all your social networks together to give your audience a single, beautiful view of what you’re saying.  No more app-hopping – with every post, tweet, image and video in one place your audience will engage with more of your content. Your social media reach is increased, your voice is amplified, your ROI is improved!

Increase dwell time

If your website features social media icons (not share icons but shortcuts to your social network pages) then you are inviting visitors to leave. Sure, some might come back but plenty will get distracted and won\’t return.
With Miappi embedded on your website you can surface all of your social media content on real estate you control. Your customers get the very best of your social media and they stay longer.


Combine content streams from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Pinterest and Google+. Include your own advert tiles that link to other websites.

User generated content

Harness the buzz! Miappi lets you add user generated content via hashtags from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine.  If you’re running a #tag campaign on one or more social networks or you want to include a trending #tag that’s relevant to you, Miappi lets you add that content to your profile.
Miappi on iOS

Be seen

Once you have created your Miappi profile you can display it where it matters to you. Want to put it on your website? You Can. How about a large screen at a live event? You can do that too – Miappi has a set of features that make it the ideal partner for big and small screens away from the home and office.  Your Miappi profile can even be converted into a native app (iOS and Android) opening the door to new audiences.
As standard your Miappi profile will also feature on our showcase website where you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the great and the good of social media. Have a look who’s already on

Curate and control

Want more? Our dashboard offers you some powerful curation and moderation tools. You may have confidence in your own social media content but what about user generated content? UGC presents its own challenges but Miappi\’s dashboard lets you filter content, hide content and ban users. With Miappi you have the control.

Stay on brand

Make sure your Miappi is on-brand. Take control of the design of your Miappi by changing colors, logos, buttons and other elements.

Made to measure

Use our analytics tools to measure how Miappi works for you. Look at dwell time on your profile. Measure which posts are being viewed most. Understand interactions between Miappi and the social networks.




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